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Preparing and connecting high school students for college

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Now students don't have to start college alone, but can go with a team of other incoming Christian friends and leaders at their future college they get to know many months before they land on campus!  10-12th grade students can prepare for exciting mission together with engaging content for youth groups as well as parents. 


Every Student Sent is a national movement and a free community-based platform to connect all US high school students to existing ministries, churches, and each other, in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college. Churches and schools have seen this reverse the 70% college faith drop off and help students grow in their faith and engage campuses for Christ.  No longer do you have to see years of investment into students go  down the drain. Freshmen and Sophomores can gain an exciting vision of serving Christ in college. High School juniors and seniors can connect with college ministries and churches at any US campus as part of their college search, then join online teams of staff and other Christian freshmen heading to the same college.    See this recent call to action by Josh McDowell.

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Benefits to churches

  • Reverse the 70% college faith drop-off and empower students to impact universities
  • Video material you can use to engage your youth group - grades 9-12
  • If you want to serve a local university, you can add your church to ESS so incoming students find you.
  • Parents appreciate the practical help for them in college search, ways to talk with their students, finding career and major, and avoiding massive college debt.
  • A youth leader dashboard to quickly show you who is engaged and who needs help.
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Simple steps to help students and parents today:

  1. Send this message to students
  2. Send this message to parents
  3. Share a video in church - See College-bound Kit
  4. Post in social media - See College-bound Kit
  5. Give the opportunity to pro-active students and parents to mobilize their peers. 
  6. Invite your students with the youth leader dashboard so you can see who's charging forward and who needs encouragement.

Feel free to contact us at the bottom of this page for questions or a short demo over Zoom!

Pastor Story:  Disciples making Disciples
SBC's Ronnie Floyd - Empower Students
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Page to share with Students

Pastor & Parent Video

CBN News - How ESS Works

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Pastor & Leader Endorsements

How Every Student Sent Helps

Parents and girls


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Christian Schools

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Get More out of Every Student Sent

Introductory Zoom call - Every Student Sent is simple to use, and you can just follow the steps below, but we are glad to set up a Zoom call to demonstrate the platform and answer any questions from your team.  We can also  help you every step of the way in getting quickly set up, or you can do so yourself.  There is no cost to any of this.  Just contact us at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Log in as a Youth Minister.   Multiple staff can do so, or they can log on as a parent.
  2. Notify your church.   Share the above Student and Parent videos in church.  More in the College-bound Kit 
  3. Send teens the Student Page or a sample email in the College-bound Kit.  This will encourage them to try out ESS, search colleges, chat online with ministries, follow ESS ministry social groups, and start taking the Thrive and other courses.  Give them ministry experience as a Student Mobilizer
  4. Email parents, inviting them to use Every Student Sent with their teen.  Include the ESS Parents Page.  We can equip some to help you mobilize other parents.  A sample email is in the College-bound Kit.  
  5. Hold Some Great Youth Group Meetings!  (click red links)
    • Thrive Course.  Show one or more of the eleven 10-minute videos with discussion questions about mission at college,.  Students love this.as well as the dynamic speakers from SENT 2021. 
    • Worldview - Watch these Summit Ministries videos together and discuss.
    • Exploring Colleges - Put Every Student Sent on a big monitor and start calling out and exploring ministries together at colleges.  Even sophomores love thinking about the future.
    • Show testimonies of college students and awakenings. Use this growing list of videos to spark discussions about God's work in their hearts and an exciting future. 
  6. Add your church to local university listings so college students find you!  Go to Create a Group in "My Sent Hub" and create a separate group for each college 


  • Inviting Students to the Pastor Dashboard.  Just follow these Directions.   This will allow you to easily invite all your students by graduation year, and see their level of engagement at a glance with no additional work on your part. We recommend that you invite grades 10-12.  See contact information at the bottom if you would like some help.

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The growing set of resources for families

Vibrant Faith

Click to see initial content on Worldview from Summit Ministries.  More content is being provided by other recognized national ministries. 

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Career & Major

Click to see initial content on Calling, Career, & Major from Crown Financial Career Direct.  More content is being provided by other recognized national ministries. 

Minimizing Debt

The student debt crisis is impacting churches and families. See content from College Assistance Plus about  reducing college cost regardless of income.


  • During Junior and Senior college search, encourage students to make ministry and church connections part of their selection criteria. 
  • As soon as final colleges are selected in the senior year, recommend students become an active member in ministry social groups at that university and team up with other incoming students, and collaborate how to reach their dorms during first weeks Sweet Spot.
  • During Christmas break, invite your recent grads to share with your students about their first semester in college, and how helpful it was during the first weeks to already have friends, mentors, and study partners, and how they had seen students come to Christ and be transformed.  Take the energy there and adopt a local high school in collaboration with our high school partners like Youth Alive, FCA, Cru High School, YFC, Young Life, etc.
  • Bless your community.   Spread the good news about Every Student Sent to all other churches and Christian schools in your community.  Send this ESS Churches Page, and this City Movement Page
  • Volunteers in your church - See the ESS Ambassadors page about ways parents and students can help.


  • You can now follow the new Church & Youth Leaders Collaboration Group to network with other pastors and leaders, find resources, and participate in monthly Zoom meetings with national church and youth thought leaders.
  • If you missed SENT 2021 - the powerful content for teens and parents is broken into 7-minute topics in Courses


To learn more or arrange an introductory Zoom call just contact us below: