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The Harvest is Truly Plentiful...But the Laborers have been Too Few.

Want more Kingdom-prepared college grads in your city?

The ESS Platform

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The Every Student Sent Coalition

Every single year roughly 70% of youth group grads fall away from the faith because of what happens during the first days on campus.  We lose the potential they have to transform universities and the marketplace.

But now, churches are reversing this by connecting students to miniseries, churches and other incoming Christian friends many months before college, and it's being scaled nationally.

A broad coalition of national Ministries and churches are part of this movement to help every student be prepared to know their career purpose and multiply disciples in ESS groups for their Academic Department and Dorms. They learn to change culture on the campus then the workplace. Now we are building a transition to the marketplace and engaging with every Marketplace Ministry since studies indicate that 35% to 59% don't find fellowship in their new city. 

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Pinnacle Forum Podcast

John Decker, Strategic Partnership Director 

Learn how you can help impact the Marketplace in Your city.  Reach out to John Decker on LinkedIn or via the email form at the bottom

The Career Arc from HS to College to the Workplace

Barna Report - Career Discipleship
Barna believes this emphasis on careers presents an opportunity for the church to engage in what could be called “vocational discipleship”. The church has an opportunity to reach this next generation of teenagers through integrating career, and calling into their discipleship efforts.

High School

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Helping students find life purpose, careers, and college majors with a faith & work outlook.


Establishing missional communities around academic departments to be ready for the workplace


Marketplace Rectangle

Preparing for the transition to the workplace and connecting with marketplace ministries and mentors  

The components of this are:

  • Selection of Major in High School - Understand who you were made to be, and all the possibilities which could fit. This is also viewed in the context of the 7 Spheres of cultural Influence as outlined by Bill Bright, founder of  Cru.  Resources including Career Direct are employed as well as helping avoid the Student Debt Crisis.
  • Join University Missional Communities for academic departments - Communities are being organized starting with national web training, then planted at universities, and growing to include most academic disciplines.  Initial communities will be Entrepreneurial Studies, Communication/Media, and Education because of their impact on society.  We are looking for your content and advisors to assist. See an example from Pinnacle Forum.  Please contact us to learn more.
  • Prepare for transition - Various resources are being created or affiliated with such as Baton Exchange
  • Transition into the Marketplace - Connections with marketplace ministries affiliated with the ESS network are being created including a Christian service similar to Indeed for internships and jobs. Right now over a third of Christian college grads don't find community and fall away.   Please contact us if you would like your ministry be included.
  • Engaging with your Marketplace ministry - We would love to discuss ways that you could provide your content and people who would like to coach students locally or nationally, and ways we can help your ministry by sending you college grads in cities where you operate.

See how Every Student Sent Helps

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Christian Schools

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City Wide Movements

Calling and Career

Career & Purpose

Worldview Quad


Urban Centers

Urban Uplift

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Financial Advisors



A Church Transformed

Student Stories

Ways you can help your city:


John Decker ( to:

  • Pastors & Youth Leaders
  • Leaders in your marketplace ministry
  • High Schools and Homeschools
  • Ministries, Foundations, Media (Advance ESS)
  • Business Leaders with passion for youth.
  • Retirees who could volunteer (See IRetire4Him)


See Volunteer Page.  Contact John Decker for info.

  • Mentor students re: faith or career
  • Provide content/training for student groups
  • Marketing, communication or IT expertise
  • Ministry expertise for: Students/Pastors/Parents
  • Organize a City Movement
  • Public speaking or recording content

Next Steps?

  • In 2023 we are launching various city-wide movements across the nation as well as a national saturation plan to to make it normal for no student to start college alone.  We can talk with you about strategies for your city or your ministry
  • Review Accelerating Every Student Sent to see the Natural Saturation Ministry Plan and ways you can financially change the lives of thousands of students so that the class of '23 is the most successful in history. Other recommendations are below.
  • Reach out to John Decker at below or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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