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The harvest is plentiful, but the workers have been too few. Fixing high school transition and tripling the pipeline of Kingdom-trained college grads into every city.

No student starting college alone, but with a team of friends and leaders on mission, they meet many months in advance in ministries, churches, and academic departments.  Demonstrated to reverse the 70% college faith drop-off.  The friends a student makes during the first 72 hours drives their college faith trajectory.  It's also the best time for freshmen revival movements

Missional communities for their major are part of their lifetime vocational discipleship arc from high school to college to the workplace for city transformation.

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Follow up from Mar 23 Movement DFW Summit

Over 200 leaders gathered for the March 23 Movement DFW Summit to address the issue of Youth leaving the Church. An action plan was developed to immediately engage churches this Spring to catalyze a movement so no student is left behind in DFW.  See this via the below DFW Mobilization

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Churches and university ministries have discovered that when you connect students with friends and leaders many months before college the 70% faith drop-off disappears and freshmen Gospel movements are sparked in dorms and academic departments. Every Student Sent and it's coalition is now working to make this normal in America so that no student is left behind.

See how we are building the Transition to the Marketplace for true city transformation.

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No Student Left Behind

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Josh McDowell - Josh McDowell Ministry
“When Christian college freshmen are alone, their faith rarely survives in today’s college environment. The good news is that when they’re connected in advance to campus ministries, churches, and Christian friends, they not only survive, but thrive and impact their classmates. Every Student Sent will help parents, churches, and ministries to turn the tide so this generation can now become the leaders of tomorrow.”  See Josh's recent call to action and the importance of the first 72 hours on campus.
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DFW is poised to lead the nation as an example city movementYou and your church can help make the class of '23 the most successful in history.  Please join us in this effort by involving your church, Christian school, homeschool association, or by financially accelerating this awakening so we can all more than double Kingdom equipped disciples into the university and marketplace.  Just message us at the bottom of this page so we can answer questions and assist in your area of interest.   

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