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Ronnie Floyd - Southern Baptist Convention Exec Dir

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The Goal

The Syracuse community is linking arms so that every 11-12th grade student is prepared, then connected to college ministries and churches this year, to help them become disciples who make disciples.  The expected result?  The 70% college faith drop-off will end (as has already been seen in churches), the number of freshmen believers will double, and become fruitful in freshmen to freshmen movements, so that in a few years, double or triple the number of world-changers will graduate to impact culture and community!  

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Every Student Sent is a national movement and a free community-based platform to prepare and connect high school students to existing ministries, churches, and each other in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college. Learn how churches have seen the typical 70% college faith drop off nearly eliminated.

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Get set up today!  As the National Partnership Director, I can help your church or school be set up to make this free platform to all your students and parents.  I'll also show you content you can use to hold interesting and compelling youth group meetings your students will love and be challenged by.  Just reach me at or 315-480-1232, and we can arrange a 30-minute Zoom call.  - John Decker

Multiplying youth & college grad disciples in Greater Syracuse

A Navigators study showed that the first 72 hours on campus bonds students to friends they make then, impact their faith trajectory.  Connecting long before they land on campus is essential!  Every Student Sent is a national movement of ministries, denominations, schools, Christian schools, and homeschool associations. What can our cities look like if we reverse the 70% college faith drop-off, double active Christian freshmen, multiply over 4 years, and graduate triple the number world changing college graduates ready to change culture in their sphere!  Churches and Christian schools have experienced this.  Now ESS is mobilizing this for cities by finding key pastors and leaders to spread the word. 

Syracuse 2021 goals:

  • Connect every high school student to ministries and churches locally or anywhere in the nation
  • Add more ministries and churches to Every Student Sent at area colleges (see current list below)
  • Catalyze freshmen to freshmen awakenings at area colleges and those across the country.
  • Create maturing and multiplying disciples via connections and content from ESS and national ministries.
  • This reverses the 70% faith drop-off and empowers students to reach their friends
  • Help every student find their calling, major and career - to impact society locally and nationally

Area ministries & churches connecting with incoming students

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  • Add your ministry or church to these colleges.  If you currently serve a local campus, reach out to us about qualifications for being added.  There is no cost to Every Student.
  • Share Every Student Sent with your students and parents.  See steps for Churches & Schools.


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Every Student Sent is also a Social Network

With a look and feel like Facebook, Every Student Sent is also it's own national and local social network for high school and college students as well as church, ministry, school, and business leaders to collaborate and advance discipleship together.  You can create your own affinity groups.  Log on today and learn how.  

How ESS Groups work - with ministries

To learn more or arrange an introductory Zoom call contact: 

John Decker at or 315-480-1232 

Local ministries, schools, and churches preparing students with ESS

Every Student Sent was launched in late August 2020 and is now accelerating national mobilization.  Let's help Syracuse families benefit by spreading the word from church to church.  I can be as simple as sharing the website with every family and pastor you know.  Here are organizations who have taken steps to let all their people know. 


Christians for Syracuse

LIfe church

Life Church

Believers Chapel

Believers Chapel

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