For Campus Ministries and Churches serving Universities


STEP 1:  See if your group is already listed for your campus

  • Search for your ministry or church by university on  If it is go to Steps 2 & 3.  If not, go to Step 4. 

Forgot Password or email you used?  

  • The email is normally your official email assigned by your organization. Click on Forgot Password when logging on.
  • If you are new to Every Student Sent, go to Join Now and register as a College Minister regardless if you are a campus ministry or a church who receives college students. 

STEP 2:  Add yourself or others as an Organizer

  • Follow your group.
  • Ask the current leader (Organizer) to promote you to Co-Organizer via Manage-Followers-Promote .
  • Or email and ask us to do this for you.
  • You can add multiple staff or student leaders as Co-Organizers or Moderators. These will be able to see and respond to student inquiries.  If there are old contacts as Organizer, you can demote them to a regular member, a moderator, or delete them all together. 

STEP 3: Edit your group listing

  • When you are a Organizer or Co-Organizer you will see a “Manage” link on the lower left of your group.
  • When you click on that, you will see menu options on the top to edit Details, Settings, Photo, Cover Photo, Followers, and Zoom.   The "Followers" tab will allow you to promote (or demote) followers to the status of Co-Organizer, or Moderator

STEP 4, if needed: Create a new group:

  • Log into with your ministry email.
  • Go to My Sent Hub on the upper right, and find the drop down for Create a Group
  • Follow the wizard. In Settings at the bottom, make sure you affiliate it with your university you will find the drop down at the bottom.
  • Then review Steps 3 and 4.

Bulk upload all your ministries at once for update or new listings - email us at the below address.

Get your leaders ready to receive students this Summer.

If you have any questions at all, 

To learn more or arrange an introductory Zoom call just contact us: