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Every year roughly 70% of youth group grads in San Diego fall away from the faith because of what happens during the first days on campus.  We lose the potential they have to transform universities and help our city.  This year can be different!

Ministries and churches across the nation are part of this movement to help every student be prepared to know their career purpose, multiply disciples, and change culture on the campus. Now we are building the transition to the marketplace. Studies range from 35% to 59% who don't find fellowship.

In addition to the ESS National movement, we target certain cities for saturation.  In California the next are Orange County, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

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CBN News - How ESS Works

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The ESS National Coalition

Helping spread the word in San Diego

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See how leaders in San Diego including college ministries, the National Network of Youth Ministries and All America are engaged now.  Learn how you can help make the class of '23 the most successful in history.

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Accelerate the Local Movement

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Impacting the Marketplace

Student Video

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A Church Transformed

See simple steps you can take:

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Christian Schools
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College Ministries
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Urban Centers
Urban Uplift
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College Debt

Ronnie Floyd - Southern Baptist Convention Exec Dir

YWAM Circuit Riders - Huntington Beach

Here's a sample university

Click to communicate or search any college in the nation.

You can submit to add your ministry or church to these colleges.  If you currently serve a local campus, reach out to us about qualifications for being added.  There is no cost to Every Student.


No student left behind.

Preserving and Equipping the Class of '23 - The Timeline 

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Accelerate the Movement Here


Please share this good news with other ministry and business leaders so more students can thrive and fewer parents grieve over their wayward children.

We can answer questions or help you spread the news in San Diego: 

Contact John Decker below:

See How ESS ties to Research from DFW, Barna, Fuller Youth, etc

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