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College Assistance Plus has been so helpful in every step of the college search process with my daughter. That's why I'm so excited for their team to help our student body navigate finding the perfect college while minimizing future student debt. - Vicky Britton Vice Principal, Lima Christian School

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  • Initiate a strategy now to reduce college cost in undergrad and grad school?
  • Negotiate lower college costs regardless of income?
  • Have much better odds of becoming employed in a successful and fitting profession?
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The New Realities

  • Many young people cite that they are delaying marriage for 5 years or more due to student loans debt. Debt is also one of the leading causes of failed marriages.
  • Few ministries will accept students who have certain amounts of debt.
  • College debt is delaying first-time home purchases. The average age of first-time home buyers has gone from twenty-three to age twenty-nine in the last fifteen years.
  • Over 50% of college graduates are working one or several non-degree-related jobs to pay off student loans.
  • 30% of graduates move in with their parents for more than a year.
  • 20% of graduates with student loan debt are delinquent in their payments.
  • In the past 15 years, student debt has surpassed credit card debt, and has increased from $200 Billion to $1.7 Trillion!

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Ivory Tower Trailer

This clip highlights the "business of college" that the other two videos educate you about.

At Redeemer NYC

CAP founder Paul Celuch teaches about opportunities and traps at author Tim Keller's original church.

Financial Advisor

CAP founder Paul Celuch talks with a Financial Advisor about college. See also Advisor Magazine Article

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About ESS & College Assistance Plus Team

Every Student Sent understands the importance of minimal student debt and the right career in the lifelong success of students today. ESS has partnered with a leading national firm and a dedicated team from College Assistance Plus to serve families with this expertise of a special dedicated team.  We chose College Assistance Plus due to their strong faith alignment and depth of experience and success over the past 17 years. 

The College Assistance Plus story: Paul Celuch, had been teaching Crown Financial Ministries classes as a result of his friendship with Crown Founder, Larry Burkett. Paul started College Assistance Plus in 2004 in response to the student debt that was impacting young adult lives.  As a team, CAP and ESS together provide free Zoom strategy sessions for individual families, churches, and schools, and services for families.

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College Insights you can Use:

In High School

Identify potential careers and majors early. This will help students choose the right direction. The constant switching of college majors has increased the average time it takes to complete a degree from 4 years to 5.5 years. Another lap around the track can cost big money! Also, poor choices for careers/majors are so common that 52% of last year’s college graduates were unemployed, or working jobs that do not require a college degree.

Select the right college. Look at a wide range of colleges before becoming emotionally attached to a specific university. Good private colleges often are willing to reduce their price substantially.

Get the best initial offer. Set up an interview with a department head who is able to put some pressure on financial aid. Be consistent and compelling during interviews and admissions essays. Get some coaching beforehand if possible.

Negotiate a better package. Certain schools compete with other colleges on specific programs. Find out which colleges those are and apply to those where you know you can get a lower price. This helps to establish value in the marketplace. Use this when appealing for a lower tuition.

Connect with good study partners and campus ministries before you arrive. Over 26% of college freshmen drop out during their freshman year, usually because they are unable navigate their new freedom and social environment. Academics suffer and students lose scholarships. Furthermore, 70% of Christian freshmen leave the faith in their first year on campus. Connecting with a campus ministry and finding friends who follow Jesus is key to continuing to grow in the faith throughout college. Becoming involved in these groups early is essential. You can find and connect with ministries now

In College

If you have an excellent GPA, it’s possible to use the above process to further reduce your tuition. You can also use this same approach with graduate schools.


There are new ways to consolidate and refinance existing federal and private student loans.


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