Is your student a Senior, or already in College?

Now you can have the nationally known team from College Assistance Plus (CAP) assist your family with reducing the cost of your current college or target school.   Since 2004, CAP has been the national leader in specialized ways to appeal (some call it negotiate) lower costs.   See the below news items about how CAP has been doing this. 


Negotiating Lower Costs

In 2004, College Assistance Plus pioneered an effective process to successfully appeal and reduce college costs.  This continues today. During the past 5 months, they have saved families an additional $1.2M over and above the excellent college offers they received.  See this 2-minute overview from Paul Celuch. 

Presentation to Financial Planners Association

The first 10 minutes of this documents CAP success with appeals followed by an excellent education of the college process.  Paul Celuch made this 2021 presentation to the Financial Planning Association of Rochester - for CPE credit. 

Negotiating Lower Costs

The CAP Process

Your situation
We offer a free consultation to assess the family's situation. This will require background information (personal, financial and academic) as requested by CAP.  We will determine if a successful appeal is likely. If yes, we will offer our services and estimate the range of results expected.   Please email us the your background information as shown in this email link

College Assistance Plus will assure that the family’s net investment in this appeal process in never more than zero dollars. If the final financial aid offer is less than CAP’s fee, CAP will return the balance to the client within 30 days of that time.  (Inside information: Out of thousands of clients, we've only had to return money to clients three times.)   The fee is $1500. 

If you like the projection:

You can make the payment online or otherwise, and CAP will design the appeal case, then provide an appeal that the you will send to the college. If additional iterations are needed, we will support that until the process is completed.   We can explain this to you in more detail.   We are a relational and personal company, grow by referral and are interested in your success!   You will then have the blessing of paying the absolute minimum for your student's education over the next 4 years!  If you student has excellent grades and the situation is conducive you can ask us about a second round for undergrad or graduate school.   ~   Paul Celuch, CEO and Co-Founder, College Assistance Plus


To proceed just fill out this email link information

or if you have questions, contact:

John Decker

Deron Glickert 



George Allen – Financial Advisor & Parent
Having been in the financial services career for nearly 30 years, I have had a myriad of clients have kids head off to college. The cost is significant and quite often hard to navigate to find the right school for kids can be big expense. Setting aside the cost of college, choosing the right school with the right degree/curriculum can be a challenge for many parents and students today. These families have been very thankful for my introduction to CAPlus! They can be especially helpful to those that don’t have the time to do the research. I love how they partner with families all the way from high school to college and graduate school to help students find the right career and major, the right colleges, and minimize student debt by negotiating tuition and employing many other cost reduction strategies. I have been using them for my daughter and my soon-to-be High School Junior son.