By January, your city could start moving  from losing the high school class of '24 - to launching disciple-makers!

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Please invite city leaders and philanthropists who who would be excited to learn about this historic collaboration so that this year's high school grads will all survive, thrive, and multiply.

See what has started in these cities:

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If the event date does not work for you, or you'd like to learn more, 

just arrange a 15 minute Zoom with John Decker via Calendly

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The Every Student Sent Coalition

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Financial Investment to mobilize the nation or your city. 

You can be a champion in your city so that this year’s high school seniors don’t ruin their lives as 70% have historically done. They need to build relational connections at their future university, and be prepared for mission well in advance.

It only takes $2/student per year to fix the pipeline for over 500,000 annual youth group grads.

The best investment - succeed 1500

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Student Stories

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After a 2 year run at full level, ESS will be self-sustaining through 3 for-profit businesses.   See Accelerating the Movement below, and reach out for further information. ESS has been beta tested with 15,000 users and requires the below levels to engage the US population, so that it becomes normal for no student to start college alone.

The app will be ready for app stores in December, and we expect significant press coverage.  However ESS needs to secure funds for digital advertising and add some staff to work with channel partners prior to us releasing the app stores and announcing to media. A summary is below, with details in the Accelerate ESS section. 

  • $80K per month - Full national saturation.  Self-sustaining after 2 years. Will increase to engage 350,000 teens per year within 3 years.

  • $40K per month - Operating level for full team and advertising budget to saturate 4 cities and a degree of national movement

  • $20K per month - Minimal threshold to announce the existing Mobile App in December and mobilize the first major metro area  

Details on Mobilization Plan:

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If you would like to learn more about the movement or for-profit extensions, 

just arrange a Zoom with John Decker via Calendly

or email 

Invest in America and Your City Today

Do you have questions, ideas, or recommendations?  Email us here or arrange a Zoom call below.

Once we are at scale at the 4 metro area level, that efficiency means that every $1000 will help 500 students be prepared, connected, and discipled so they survive and thrive in college to influence many other students and people for a lifetime.   See the button below to invest in your city and America.

Invest in America and Your City Today