Leadership among Christian youth can be one of the most powerful forces to change urban culture.   


This is an adaptation of ESS City Movements that strengthens and empowers urban youth to encourage other youth, creating a wave of young people for sustained blessing to the community.

The steps are:

  • Campus Ministry Staff at Community Colleges and Urban Churches work as a team.
  • Churches who serve the campus are listed on ESS at that college
  • College-bound students including promising leaders are introduced to campus staff
  • Campus staff and designated students help these students with:
    • Growing in their faith
    • Learning to lead others to Jesus, thus deepening their passion through experience
    • Help as academic encouragers and study partners
    • ESS helps with choice of major and purpose and scholarshipping them for Career Direct
  • At Christmas and in May - Students from these urban churches hold sessions for high school students showing how God has increased their walk, showed them how to multiply, and are excited about their development into their profession and calling.
  • These students spark a growing movement of world-changers in their local community with the power of Christ.

To learn more, contact John Decker at john.decker@campusrenewal.org or 315-480-1232

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The Harvest is Plentiful.... but Every City Movement needs more Laborers

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Multiplying youth & college grad disciples in our communities

What can our cities look like if we reverse the 70% college faith drop-off, double active Christian freshmen, multiply over 4 years, and graduate triple the number world changing college graduates ready to change culture in their sphere!   A Navigators study showed the first 72 hours on campus critical Connecting in advance is key. See Josh McDowell's recent exhortation. 

City-wide movements understand that the harvest is plentiful, but they need more laborers. Every Student Sent can reverse the 70% loss and multiply laborers to transform culture - as it becomes normal for all students to prepare and connect.  ESS is connecting with city movements around the nation.  Learn how this process can help your current work. 

See how Every Student Sent specifically helps:   

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 Christian Schools

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College Ministries

Urban Centers

Urban Centers

Every Student Sent is a national movement and a free and  community-based platform to connect high school students to existing ministries, churches, and each other in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college. See this 1 min student video.

The starting point is to help high school students grasp the exciting vision of being missional on campus, by making tangible connections with college ministries and churches via Every Student Sent social groups.  ESS then helps students identify their personal calling, career, and major that maps to the various spheres in society with content on career, and partnerships with business ministries like Pinnacle Forum, Business Men's Fellowship, etc.

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Getting Started in your City.

Every Student Sent in a city starts replicating itself and can be self-funded after the initial start and momentum.  It will not only generate revenue to propagate this message but ultimately produce many more Kingdom-minded college grads to generate economic gain and gifts back to churches, ministries and Christian schools.   See START ESS IN YOUR CITY.

How ESS Groups work - with ministries

To learn more or arrange an introductory Zoom call contact: 

John Decker at john.decker@campusrenewal.org or 315-480-1232