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Grandparents: See special resources for you at the bottom of this page.

Every Student Sent --for Parents


As a parent, you can succeed in helping your teens be excited about following Jesus with a team on mission.  You can help them pick the right college, right major, purpose and career, and help them get to know leaders, new friends, roommates, and study partners in their major, all excited about growing the Kingdom.   You can also help them carry their mission forward into their professions. 

We are here to help. 

Just email us at the bottom of this page.


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The Three Pillars of College Success


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College Fellowship

With the right friends, mentors, and missional mindset, students can finish college as leaders & resilient disciples who make disciples.

Calling and Career

Career & Calling

Students who select a major grounded by a vision of how God made them and understand marketable fields are best prepared

Minimal student debt

  Minimal College Debt

Many spend far too much for a  degree so that life is crippled for many years.   Learn how to reduce college cost regardless of income. 

Simple next steps:

Now students don't have to start college alone, but can go with a team of other incoming Christian friends and leaders, and roommates at their future college they get to know many months before they land on campus!  This has been proven to reverse the 70% faith drop-off, and catalyze growth.  10-12th grade students can prepare for exciting mission together with parents.    

See Josh McDowell's Call to Action.

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Weekly Parent Zoom Events

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How ESS Helps Parents

Receive hope and learn strategies from this podcast with Stacy Callender from Moms in Prayer and John Decker, Director of Partnerships for Every Student Sent


Check out the Parents Group 

To network with other parents and learn about events and resources.  Here's Julie Loos from Moms in Prayer to tell you more about it and ESS!

Parent Video

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Student Page to Share

Worldview & Parent Resources

Worldview Resources FOTF

Talking with your Kids about Money

Your kids will soon be on their own and learning how to manage and think about money, generosity,, and the future.  We are launching a student discussion place about this along with content from Compass, Crown Financial Ministries, the Ron Blue Institute and AXIS.   See the first video this series:

A Christian Financial Advisor can help your family in many ways: 

Check out some in your area here: 

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Other Steps you can Take:

  1. Tell your students about this, and check out college ministries together with them as part of your college search process.  Share the Student Page. Encourage them to virtually join some ministry groups and ask leaders questions.
  2. Review content with them, like the Thrive in Courses or Worldview about college as an exciting mission.
  3. Learn from the Career Page, and the College Cost page.
  4. Tell your pastor and friends about Every Student Sent!
  5. Follow these new parent groups: ESS Parents Group |  College Planning Collaboration  |  Homeschool Collaboration
  6. Volunteer to share ESS with other parents in church or help your youth leader.  See Ambassadors
  7. Support Every Student Sent - Learn how the Every Student Sent movement is changing communities
QUESTIONS?:   Email us at the form at the bottom of this page. 
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How you can help your church, city, or the nation with your volunteer expertise or financial gifts.


In addition to Parent resources, here's some special content for you:

  • Log onto today, and also set your profile type as "Parent" for full access.
  • Follow the ESS Parents Group and collaborate with other parents and grandparents.  Your wisdom is needed for this generation!
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Ways to Engage


We're here to talk!

Contact us to answer questions or set up a phone or Zoom discussion to discuss your family or help spread the news to your church, school, homeschool and  community.

More Resources you can use with your kids

Make use of these Every Student Sent (ESS) resources along with social groups where you can hear from other parents:

Check back often since new resources are added each month.

Growth and discipleship

      • Thrive Course - watch these eleven 7-minute episodes with your teen and have a great discussion about discipleship and multiplying 
      • SENT 2021 Training - watch these six 7-minute segments by national leaders speaking at SENT 2021
      • Worldview from Summit Ministries - The engaging short videos and and in-depth resources tee up great discussions between you and your sons and daughters
      • Dare2Share group - helping teens share their faith

Finding Career, Calling, and Major

Minimizing College Debt

      • College Assistance Plus - See videos, education, and services
      • Parent's College Planning Group - find resources and connect with other parents
      • Christian Financial Advisors - It's great to have an advisor who understands your values and goals.  If you don't already have an advisor who is a believer, you can enter your zip code and see a link of Kingdom Advisors near you. You can review their websites and reach out to any of interest. There is no affiliation with Every Student Sent.   If your advisor does not know about ESS, we'd be glad to educate them!
  • Testimonies for students to watch - Interact with the Student Stories & Videos group, view student testimonies, and have your teens share Every Student Sent with their friends. Their faith grows every time they interact with the Gospel.