Fueling Revival - Preparing your Career 

God is moving on college campuses in a way not seen since the Jesus Movement.  Freshmen non-believers are the most open than any time in their lives. Learn how you can prepare incoming freshmen all summer for dorm revivals.  Then become a culture changer in your major and career. 
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  1. Sign up as a Student (www.EveryStudentSent.org)  Make sure you complete your profile including a photo your friends will recognize and your high school and college graduation years.
  2. Search for your University and Follow your campus ministry and church and at the University Level.  If you are a student leader ask them to make you a Moderator.
  3. Post in ESS - Draw students to your ministry and university by posting what God is doing on campus.  Post within you group or church or at the University level.  A photo with some words is great. If you have a good short video that is fine also.
  4. Watch the Thrive Course.  Watch one or more of these 5-10 minute videos about thriving and multiplying as a Jesus follower in secular culture at your high school or college. Enjoy other powerful testimony and teaching videos in Courses
  5. Learn how to become a Student Mobilizer!  To grow the movement locally and nationally.
  6. The Mobile App is coming soon.  We are looking for students to review it and provide their input.  Email us here to learn more.

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Stories of God Moving on Campus

Paul Worcester


Yasmin Pierce 

 Circuit Riders

Shane Pruitt 


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Career & Major

College is a big investment and will shape your future.  Students average 5.5 years for a 4 year degree as they change majors too many times.  Would you like to  learn more about how God designed you and majors and careers that fit?  Click the image and email us here if you want to learn more. 

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We are building ways to help students find internships and jobs, as well as help forming missional communities in your academic major.  In addition we are now helping college juniors and seniors find mentors and marketplace contacts in their new city before they graduate.  Email us here if you want to learn more. 

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A Final Word

The harvest truly is great, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field - Luke 10:2

Don't just go to college, let God send you

Follow these groups, invite your friends, message each other:

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Thrive Student Group

Connect with other students, watch Thrive videos, and talk about what God is doing today on college campuses and high schools.  You can share these videos with your friends and discuss together. 

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Student Mobilizers

Do you want to see your friends and your generation lead the way for revival on college and high school campuses?  Learn how you can spread the message and see engage with leaders around the country.  

We are glad to answer your questions or help to you to reach other students.  Just reach out to us below: