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Connect with other college-bound students and college fellowships

Don't start college alone!  You can start connecting now with incoming college students who have a similar passion as yours including those who have experienced Summit Ministries programs.  Once you log into Every Student sent, you'll be able to follow this new Summit Ministries Group to connect with friends as well as at ministry groups and churches at any US campus. 

 Together, your generation can be part of the Freshmen Gospel movements to spark awakenings on campuses this Fall when new students are most open to the Gospel.  Your worldview training will make you a key asset for any college ministry!

The harvest truly is great, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field - Luke 10:2

Don't just go to college, let God send you

Learn about Summit Ministries and Student conferences!

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Connect with students, ministries and churches on this new platform

Lecrae:  ESS for High School 

How to Connect Today

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Don't start college alone!

More students are coming to faith on college campuses than any time since the Jesus Movement. Now you can prepare for college and meet other incoming freshmen long before college.   Then you can reach out to other freshmen as a team, and already have friends & study partners you trust!

You may even find a Roommate!

Get started today

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  1. Sign up as a Student (www.EveryStudentSent.org)  
  2. Search for Ministries and Churches at Colleges.  Follow their ESS Groups.  Message leaders with questions about their group or ask about your major and any students you can chat with about that. Ask how they can help you be spiritually ready.  
  3. Get to know other students in these ESS groups.  (Every Student Sent is new, so groups will grow)  You may even find a great Christian roommate,  Colleges allow you to do this through early May. 
  4. Invite your high school friends to Every Student Sent personally or by phone, email, text, or share an Instagram post.
  5. Watch the Thrive Course.  Watch one or more of these 5-10 minute videos about engaging and thriving as a Jesus follower in secular culture at your high school or college.
  6. Follow the ESS Groups shown below.


Follow these groups, invite your friends, message each other:

    • Also Your own high school group!  When you register, you pick your high school in your profile.  Search for it in the search bar and see who else is there and invite your friends. You can edit your Profile in "My Sent Hub".
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Thrive Student Group

Connect with other students, watch Thrive videos, and talk about what God is doing today on college campuses and high schools. 

SUMMIT Students Group

Connect with other students, who have experienced or are interested in Summit.  Find out where they are toing to college and make friends! 

NEW! College-bound Together Group

Connect with other students, learn about Every Student Sent and the latest features   Learn how to share ESS with friends and social media.