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Every Student Sent


Whether you are being Sent or Sending students, every one is needed!

A FREE virtual gathering to unite and equip students, plus all those who play an important role in their lives. We want to provide you with information that helps every single student connect with a Christ-Centered Community at their chosen college, and learn how to plant simple expressions of the church.

Join us on Thursday, May 27, 2021, at 8 pm EDT and 5 pm PDT along with a group of dynamic speakers who will share messages to inspire and prepare you for the transition to college.

Go to to start connecting today. 

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Are you a High School Student?  Come be inspired and encouraged by connecting with other Christian students and hear from influential grassroots leaders on how to thrive in your faith during this season. We realize that this is a significant time in your life, and we want to provide you with resources and encourage you not to shrink back in your faith, but to be propelled to mature in your Christian walk. 

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Are you a College Student? Come hear how you can use your influence to start a disciple-making movement by planting simple expressions of the church where you are, and how you can be a mobilizing factor to ensure that incoming Freshmen at your college will thrive in their faith and find a Christian community.  

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Are you a Parent?  Learn how you can help your children effectively prepare for college and to grow in their faith as they transition to this next season of life. Discover how you can play a direct role with your church or state to see Christians be spiritually successful in college and fulfill their God-given callings.

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Are you a Youth Minister?  Join with other leaders to preserve your multi-years of investment into the lives of high schoolers. You play a critical role in helping them to grow spiritually, let us show you how you can assist them in their transition to college. Also, discover how your graduating seniors can help build your youth group during their Freshman year.

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Are you a Christian School Administrator?  Discover how you can be equipped to track and see your graduates thrive spiritually during their transition to college. You will have the opportunity to meet with other administrators and join them in this mission!

Getting ready for Graduation?

The Every Student Sent national coalition:

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Watch and start connecting on today!

A great way to celebrate graduation and get ready for SENT 2021

with our EveryCampus partner working with ESS 

National Senior Send off