Don't send your students to college alone! 

The freshmen they meet during the first 72 hours on campus determine their friends and faith trajectory.  Send them together with a team! It's also when non-believers are most open to the Gospel!

See this important message from Josh McDowell.

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You want the best for your kids

Now you can go through this free website together with your 10th-12th grade student and start selecting colleges based on ministries and churches you can actually connect with and talk to. Connecting in advance stops the 70% faith drop off, empowers them, and gives your student ownership of the process.  More students are coming to faith on college campuses than any time since the Jesus Movement.  Now is season for them to gain the vision of what can happen when they go to campus with a team.  Get Inspired by these Leaders!

Parent Video

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Student Page to Share

View: Success for every Student:

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College Ministries

With the right friends, mentors, and missional mindset, students can finish college as mature leaders and disciples who make disciples.

Calling and Career

Career & Calling

Students who select a major grounded by a vision of how God made them and understand marketable fields are best prepared

Minimal student debt

  Minimal College Debt

Many spend far too much for a  degree so that life is crippled for many years.   Learn how to reduce college cost regardless of income. 

Every Student Sent is a national coalition and unique community-based platform for preparing 10-12th grade students with a vision of connecting to college ministries, churches, and each other in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college.  It's a movement of major college ministries, youth ministries, denominations, Christian schools, and homeschool groups to connect and prepare teens for future leadership.  When you and your students register on this free platform you get full access to the features and resources including the embedded social groups of national college and youth ministries that your students can thrive in.  This Homeschool page of is a jumping off spot to orient you to the features and resources. 

Here's an example of a state association in Virginia

HEAV Every Student Sent Groups

Every Student Sent is an open platform that allows you to create individual groups for CO-OPs and Churches. Here are two state-wide groups you or your students can follow and use to interact with each other and find and share resources.  Reach out to John Decker at if you want to set up a smaller one for your own area.  Click image to view or follow group.  (If you are not registered as on Every Student Sent yet, you will need to do so above)

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Simple steps for Homeschool parents:

  1. Log onto as a parent
  2. Tell your students about this, and check out college ministries together with them as part of your college search process.  Encourage them to virtually join some ministry groups and ask leaders questions.
  3. Review content with them, like the Thrive Course and Summit Ministries Worldview content.
  4. Check out the Event Page.
  5. Tell your CO-OP, pastor, and friends about Every Student Sent!
  6. Join the new Every Student Sent Homeschool Group and create one for your CO-OP
  7. Arrange a call with Every Student Sent.  We would be glad to help you use all these resources in your group or do a Zoom call with your families.  Reach out to John Decker at

Resources you can use

Make use of these Every Student Sent (ESS) resources along with social groups where you can hear from other parents:

Check back often since new resources are added each month.

Growth and discipleship

      • Thrive Course - watch these eleven 7-minute episodes with your teen and have a great discussion about discipleship and multiplying 
      • Worldview from Summit Ministries - The engaging short videos and and in-depth resources tee up great discussions between you and your sons and daughters
      • Dare2Share group - helping teens share their faith

Finding Career, Calling, and Major

Minimizing College Debt

Testimonies for students to watch

Interact with the Student Stories & Videos group, view student testimonies, and have your teens share Every Student Sent with their friends. Their faith grows every time they interact with the Gospel.

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How you can help other families and your church

  • Share Every Student Sent with your friends and other parents in your homeschool association church, and other churches
  • Show Every Student Sent to your pastors, and encourage them to show the 1-minute video to families in church
  • Lead a parent's group to discuss college preparation and transition using these resources.  (We will help you)
  • Ask your youth leader if you can help with talking to teens or with parents


We're here to talk!

Contact us to answer questions or set up a phone or Zoom discussion to go over your family college prep questions, or to help your church or community accelerate this movement.    Just reach out to John Decker below: