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Starting pages for students, churches, schools, parents and organizations.

We will release the Mobile App as early as Jan 1 as soon as we raise capitol for the marketing effort.

  With your help, we could team up to onboard every student in your city before high school graduation!


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3 Circles Revival-Awakening-Reformation

Reverse the Loss | Transform Universities | Impact the Marketplace

The ESS Coalition

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Impacting Universities & the Marketplace

The goal of Every Student Sent and this historic national coalition is nothing less than making it normal for all students to prepare and connect so that no student starts college alone.  This will at least double the number of active Christian freshmen, who will become fruitful so that, together, we can graduate triple the number of world-changers as they are prepared to impact your city.   Imagine no more parents grieving over their wayward kids, but seeing them alive in the power of Jesus!  We want to help you use this tool so you can impact your church and city.  Contact us at the bottom. 

Every Student Sent is free and supported by generous partners.

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The harvest is plentiful but the laborers have been too few.

Disciples making disciples:  Every Student Sent is a national coalition and unique community-based platform to connect every Christian student in America to ministries, churches, and each other many months before they start college. This has been demonstrated in churches to reverse the 70% faith drop-off in churches and multiply laborers for the Kingdom. 

  • High School students get help to learn their purpose and career goals to pick the right major
  • Students, Families and Youth Leaders have worldview tools from leading partners to prepare students to engage today's culture
  • Seniors (and Juniors) can start connecting with friends, roommates, and leaders to be part of a cohesive team.
  • Engage their academic department in missional communities so they learn to impact cultural in a professional environment and be ready for the workplace.

Every Student Sent is available on every US Campus

Four Metro Areas working to reach every student this Year:

DFW Block
San Diego Block
Phoenix block
Kansas City Tall

For questions or an introductory Zoom demonstration please contact us: