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No Student Starting college Alone

But with a team of friends and leaders they meet many months in advance.  Learn how you can partner with KC ministries and churches so students impact freshmen university dorms and academic departments, then take this to the marketplace.   Churches have seen the 70% faith drop off nearly erased, and students engaging freshmen with the gospel.  It's time to scale this across the city. 

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The goal?  Churches have nearly eliminated the 70% drop off.  When every church and parent knows about ESS, it can double  active Christian freshmen, and help them multiply disciples, which will likely triple the number of Kingdom-minded college grads to impact culture.   Another problem: 35% to 59% of Christian college grads land alone in a new city, and get pulled off track. 


The Every Student Sent Coalition to Prepare and Connect Every Student

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Nearly Every College & University in America is Covered

See this local example.  Click to view more. Log-in to interact.

If your church or ministry serves a local university or community college, you are invited to apply to be listed there so incoming students find you.  Every Student Sent is Free, supported by generous partners.


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Responding to the Research

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Read how ESS correlates to research from Not on Our Watch, Barna, Fuller Youth, The Great Opportunity


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