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How you can help your Church, Community, or Nation


Volunteers can accelerate this student movement though your relationship with your church, community, homeschool group, Christian School,  or are looking for strategic ways you can impact lives nationally.  

Would you like to help mobilize your generation for revival in high school and college?  If you want to be part of a national student team to prepare the way, we can give you national recognition for your resume, contact us below. Here are some things you can do today!  See Student Mobilizers. 

Community Ambassador

Do you have a love for connecting parents, pastors and leaders together you your community?  Would you like to multiply successful students and eventually increase Kingdom-minded college graduates in your community?  You may be a parent, business person, or pastor yourself.  We can give you some ways to help your community or help ESS nationally in a few hours per week by calling, emailing, posting, or introducing us to others.   Review the City Movement Page and Engage Menu then reach out to us for a short Zoom call.  You can share your passion and ideas, and we can dialog about ways to help your local community or entire city.    Contact John Decker at or 315-480-1232.

Church Ambassador

Pastors are busy people and love it when an enthusiastic parent helps spread the word to other parents and to students.  Here are suggestions:

  • Ask your Youth Pastor how you can help with students and your Senior Pastor how you can help with parents.
  • Send email or newsletter messages to parents and students using the Sample Emails in the Media Kit.
  • Post social media messages using content in the Media Kit, pasting a link from the website, or sharing a post you see in our Media Kit links for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Arrange a physical or Zoom meeting with parents to walk them through the website and discuss their kids.  If you contact us, we will help you prepare.  You can also Create an ESS Social Group for parents in your church and invite them.  Go to My Sent Hub to Create Group.  We can show you how.
  • Help your Youth Pastor hold a Youth Group Meeting.  See how on the Church Page.

National or Niche Ambassador

Do you have a passion for a particular niche in society?  It could be local or it could be national.   Maybe it's high schools, or colleges, parents, homeschools, financial advisors, inner cities, business ministries, worldview, apologetics, or any such group or discipline.    Look over the Engage Menu for some ideas or add your own and reach out to us to discuss ways to grow your impact.  Contact John Decker at or 315-480-1232.

HS Students - Be an ESS Mobilizer Rep!

  • Follow the steps on the Student Page
  • Invite other students to be part of ESS, and into the groups on the Student Page.
  • Post 3 times per week in the ESS Newsfeed and engage with other students
  • Create your own Group for a specific niche via "My Sent Hub" and invite students to it.
  • Your High School - When students register, they indicate their high school and automatically become part of that group. Invite all the friends in your school to join, post comments and videos there and discover believers in your school you didn't know!
  • Start taking the Thrive Course, invite your friends, and post in the Thrive Course Community.
  • Post 3x per week on TikTok, Instagram, other social media - Create compelling posts about ESS, and what is happening at your campus. Repost content from ESS Instagram, Twitter, FB and other links in the Media Kit
  • Tell your church and ministry leaders about ESS and suggest they schedule an appointment with John Decker.
  • Are you a high school or college student skilled at video?   Contact us about short videos you can make.  We can even help you get academic credit or national exposure. 
  • Join the App Mobilizer team.  Learn how you can help reach your generation, and your ideas part of the mobilization to make the HS graduating class of 2021 the most successful in history!   Invest 20 minutes per week to help spark revival and change the world.  Follow the Student Mobilizers group then  Contact John Decker. 

College Students - Help change your campus!

  • Follow the steps on the College Ministry Page
  • Then follow the steps on the above HS Students and Mobilizer section.

To learn more or arrange an introductory Zoom call contact: 

John Decker at or 315-480-1232