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What if, as an advisor, you can help your families reverse the 70% college faith drop-off, avoid crippling college debt to preserve family assets, and make sure their students find fitting and marketable careers/callings?


The 3 Essential of College Success

If parents miss any one, the best plans for their students come off the rails!

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Vibrant Faith

Fellowship & Growth

With the right friends, mentors, and missional mindset, students can finish college as mature leaders and disciples who make disciples.

Minimal student debt

  Minimal College Debt

Many spend far too much for a  degree so that life is crippled for many years.   Learn how to reduce college cost regardless of income. 

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Career & Calling

Finding a student's purpose in a field that will serve them and their family for years to come is essential for a life of success.

Content for students has been provided to us by the Ron Blue Institute, Crown Financial Ministries and others to raise up generous and responsible Gen-Z students.  Growing content in new Student Discussion Groups is helpful for families.  We also work with Career Direct so that students are aware of Financial Advisor career paths.

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Parents want the best for their kids

A historic coalition of ministries and denominations has collaborated so parents can go through this platform together with their 10th-12th grade student and start selecting colleges based on ministries and churches they can actually connect with and talk to.   This includes other resources about calling, career, and major as well as a process to avoid crippling student debt.  See this one-minute student video.

3 Circles Revival-Awakening-Reformation

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Every Student Sent is a national movement of college ministries, youth ministries, business ministries, denominations, Christian schools to do just that.  

To help your clients:

For Christian clients: send this Family Page, or this sample email you can personalize.

For the general public use this Overview Link or PDF.

I can walk you through this on a short Zoom call.  Email john.decker@campusrenewal.org.

The Family Page will point clients to these 3 areas:

Minimizing College Debt

Minimal student debt

Families are incurring unprecedented debt for a college degree, that often does not lead to a commensurate employment opportunity, in part, because they don't understand the how the business of college operates.  Our partner, College Assistance Plus, born out of a relationship with Larry Burkett (Crown Financial Ministries), helps families approach college as a business, so they can reduce college costs regardless of income through approaches to get the best offer then negotiate lower tuition in undergrad and graduate school.  COVID has also created special opportunities. See College Assistance Plus. Through this we can help you:

  • Preserve Assets for your clients
  • Help you serve Churches and Christian Schools
  • Provide community education resources that help you serve clients and generate prospects

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Just send clients the Family Page.

Career, Major, and Calling

Calling and Career

:Identifying the the right direction before college is key to finding a rewarding life purpose and getting out of undergrad in four years.  The average is 5.5 years due to changing majors too many times.  60% of college grad's say their greatest regret is selecting the wrong major.  A Forbes study showed that 72% of adults feel they picked the wrong career.

The Family Page will direct students and parents to career/major/calling resources to help them.  These include:

Growing Faith in College

Vibrant Faith

Every Student Sent is a unique community-based platform for preparing 10-12th grade students with a vision of connecting to college ministries, churches, and each other in order to propel them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college.  It's a national movement of major college ministries, youth ministries, denominations, Christian schools, and homeschool groups to connect and prepare teens for future leadership.  When you register on this free platform you get full access to the features and resources including the embedded social groups.  The Family page of www.EveryStudentSent.org is a jumping off spot to orient you to the features and resources.

comnunity foundation

Advisors Engaging Community


As a Christian financial advisor, you have a vision for not only helping individual families, but helping your community grow stronger financially and that the Kingdom of God will grow in many more individuals and organizations.  Check out some of the landing pages for Every Student Sent that you may want to share with others or become engaged for the betterment of your community and church.


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